Are Virtual Photo Booths Right For You?

Virtual Booths are all the talk and we have to admit, we love them! Ever since we launched Virtual Photo Booths, we have been doing an increasing number of them and we just can’t stop. This week alone we got two corporate virtual booth bookings and we are over the moon. It’s been a great way to generate revenue even though our county has not allowed events and we are still supposed to be sheltering in place. Take a peek at our sample virtual booth here. We know that the photo booth community has a lot of questions about virtual booths and we hope this blog helps.

Why Invest In A Virtual Booth?

Virtual Booths are a great feature to add to your company’s offerings. Right now, events have slowed down. But Virtual Photo Booths are social distancing and shelter in place friendly. Another great bonus is that Virtual Booths are not location-based. That means we can target additional locations that we wouldn’t normally market to because of travel and transport concerns. But it also means clients can incorporate guests into their celebration who weren’t able to physically attend. Since we don't need to transport equipment or send staff, the overhead for virtual booths remains low. Another plus is that virtual booths are new. Our clients have been excited by the novelty of incorporating something different and exciting into their events. Last but not least, Virtual Booths are fun! 

Potential Virtual Photo Booth Uses

Virtual Booths are great for birthdays, weddings, and graduations. Corporate and non-profit clients can use them for community support, online conferences, trade shows, summits, and more. They’re also a great option for companies looking to build brand recognition when launching a new brand or promoting an existing brand.

Here Are Some Virtual Photo Booth Events We’ve Booked Recently:

  • University Graduation in Tacoma, WA
  • 8th Birthday in Seattle, WA
  • Bat Mitzvah in New York, NY
  • Pride event in Sacramento, CA
  • 21st Birthday in San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Virtual Conference in San Francisco, CA
  • Virtual Sacramento Pride Parade in Sacramento, CA

Where To Purchase Virtual Photo Booth Software

We’re not the only ones who LOVE Virtual Booths. We’ve gathered some companies we adore that offer virtual booth software:

How to Pick The Best Virtual Booth Software For You
You may be ready to invest in virtual booth software, but there are a few key factors that you should consider before purchasing. 

First, consider the ease of use. It’s important that it’s convenient and functional for your team and for your client’s guests. Another important thing to consider is whether the virtual photo booth software is an app or browser-based. There are pros and cons to each and you need to consider what’s best for you. 

You should also consider the virtual booth software pricing model. Is it per event? Does the subscription come with a certain number of events per month? Per year? Make sure to choose the option that is best for your company’s situation. 

There are also some aesthetic functionality factors to consider. Does the software allow multiple frame designs to be enabled per event? Will the software be compatible with GIF or Boomerang? Will your software allow multiple frame designs to be enabled per event? How many? The last thing to consider is whether the software has microsite design capability and customization options. Depending on your offerings, microsite capability can be crucial for post-event delivery.

At our company, Giggle & Riot, our virtual booth software of choice is PicPic Social. You can watch our interview with Seye from PicPic Social here. We love it for a wide variety of reasons. First, their software is very easy to use. No additional software or phone numbers to remember. The software does not charge per event and allows multi-day events. Not only is it easy for our team, but our clients also find it easy to use. They do allow microsite customization of which we take full advantage. Multiple shots and frames are possible. While they're still developing boomerang, their beta GIF option looks great! We love that they have solid tech support. We feel confident with PicPic Social because we know they can handle hundreds, if not thousands, of users per event per night. Click here to sign up for your own account.

Marketing Your Virtual Booth/Upsells

Once you have your own virtual booth, you may be wondering how you should market your new offering to current and potential clients. 

How to Market Your New Virtual Booth Offering:

  • Send a newsletter to all your mailing list
  • Pick up the phone and tell your contacts
  • Make sure you send different graphics tailored to each audience 
  • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, & Social Media
  • Paid Facebook & Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Add on to existing clients or events through the year 
  • Provide appropriate samples after a call or email
  • Send a press release out & see if you can get news coverage 

How We Market Our Virtual Booth Upsells: 

  • Hours
  • Props
  • Customization
  • Frame designs
  • GIF
  • Boomerang  
  • Full day packages
  • Multi-day packages
  • Idle time if applies
  • Microsite design & custom branding on it
  • Corporate branding (we strip all our Giggle & Riot branding)

We have a whole lesson dedicated to Virtual Booths in our Six Figure Photo Booths class. We walk you through pricing, sales, marketing, upsells, best practices, and even how to build a virtual booth event. Do you have more questions about Virtual Photo Booths? Join our Facebook Group and ask the 6 Figure Photo Booths community!

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